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Campus LISA 2021

In case you missed any of our live webinars, check out the recordings below.

September 30: ESR SIS: Understanding Today, Preparing for Tomorrow

The ESR SIS project has spent the last 2 years on an intensive business process analysis effort, speaking with hundreds of staff, faculty, and students in order to understand the current state of the university's student services, identify opportunities for improvement, and together envision the future we want to see. We are now performing "pre-hab" on reporting needs and system integrations. Altogether, this work is paving the way for a future where we see human-centered problem-solving at the core of the SIS.

Technologies/Skills Covered: Lean Six Sigma, business process analysis, Student Information System, activity hubs, reporting, long term strategic planning


  • Katie Frehafer, User Experience/Technical Project Manager, Division of Biological Sciences
  • Jonathan Whitman, Director of Student & Faculty Information Services, Information Technology Services
  • Andrew Kaplan, Director of Client & Student Services, Extension
  • David Garrison, Senior Associate Registrar, Enrollment Management
  • Brian Smith, Project Manager, IT Services

October 7: Web-Based Research Collaboration and Data Management Platforms

In this presentation, the following projects will be discussed:

  1. SeedMeLab - a scientific data management system and
  2. HubZero - A platform for web-based research collaboration for communities
  3. Emerging needs for research computing and data from the web

Technologies/Skills CoveredSeedMeLab's Drupal-based platform, HubZero's custom CMS, Docker containers, VNC and other technologies


  • Amit Chourasia, Senior Visualization Scientist, SDSC

October 14: Tracing COVID-19 Through Effluent Testing for the Return to Learn Program

We will discuss the articulation of the development of a real-time data view of the spatial sewer system with mobile sample tracking capability and the ability to link laboratory testing data for timely analysis. In an informative and secure manner, results are furnished to UC San Diego constituents, external agencies, and the public. This workflow increases efficiency and awareness concerning COVID-19 testing and tracing by integrating rich interconnected geospatial data and lab results to inform audiences accurately.

Technologies/Skills Covered: Esri, ArcGIS Online, Geoprocessing tools


  • Diana Henderson, Campus Space Analyst, Planning Design & Construction
  • Yijian Zong, Data Science Intern, OSI

October 21: Controlled Unclassified Information and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certifications at UC San Diego

Contracts and Grants that require compliance with NIST 800-171 continue to grow, as does our program to address the DoDs CMMC requirements. This talk will provide an overview of the problem, where we are in our program, and what the next 5 years will look like.

Technologies/Skills Covered: handling regulated data


  • Michael Corn, CISO, UC San Diego
  • Carolyn EllisCMMC Program Manager, UC San Diego

October 28: Vendor Reviews and Privacy

In this session, we will discuss what a privacy review of third parties looks like. We will talk about how to vet your collaborators early for privacy concerns, and you will walk away with an understanding of the questions to ask the project team and the vendor.

Technologies/Skills Covered: privacy, data protection


  • Pegah Parsi, Campus Privacy Officer, UC San Diego
The slide deck is here.

November 10: Five Years at UC San Diego and the Next Five for Information Assurance

Cybersecurity seems to be everywhere, affecting geopolitics, national politics, and even real-life for members of the UC San Diego community. How has the university responded to these challenges, and more importantly, how will we respond over the next five years? 

Technologies/Skills Covered: Zero Trust, various security technologies and skills


  • Michael Corn, CISO, UC San Diego

November 17: Beyond the Here and Now: Campus and UC Initiatives for Preserving Digital Materials for Generations to Come

Will the digital resources we create now be accessible in the future? Not just the next decade, but the next millennia? This talk will cover the strategies undertaken by both the UCSD Library and the broader UC library community to ensure long-term sustainability and access to core University digital materials.

Technologies/Skills Covered: digital preservation methods, technology considerations, making data preservation-friendly


  • Sibyl Schaefer, Digital Preservation Analyst for Research Data Curation & Chronopolis Program Manager, The Library

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